A bighank you John Reasinger of Fragarant Footnotes for such a fantastic review of my cannabis  perfumes, I'm over the moon with joy! Your descriptions of the scents  are so thoughtfully written and describe them beautifully. I am so  honored by your prose.  Reposted here with permission from John's Facebook page Fragarant Footnotes:  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=688290958018151&id=599033073610607

 10 January, 2017 Tuesday Weekly Fascination = Cannabis Daily Theme = Something new SPOTLIGHT on Amber Jobin of AetherArts Perfume Reefer Madness (A Narcotic Floral) Burner Perfume No.5: Incense Indica & Holy Hemp! 

Dear sniffeurs,  

The newest cannabis perfume on the market is by independent artisan  perfumer Amber Jobin of AETHER ARTS PERFUME. The name (and theme) of the  company is "art in air" and pretty much sums up her work. A  conscientious perfumer who cares about the environment concentrates more  on what goes IN the bottle than the bottle itself. All her bottles are  small, simple and streamlined and are meant to reduce clutter and carbon  footprints by having them be recycled rather than end up in a landfill.  She gives full disclosure of materials used, percentages of synthetic  to natural components and the use of any animalic ingredients. Her  scents are all in perfume oil format and most are 45% extrait strength  and meld sublimely with skin without the "burn" of alcohol.   Reefer Madness, released in 2016, is her fourth cannabis perfume to date  and its sublime blending of white florals with cannabis and animal musk  notes lives up to its subtitle of "narcotic floral". (Notes: cannabis  accord, gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine absolute and animalic notes  *castoreum, civet and musk*) What struck me immediately upon applying  this was not so much the cannabis accord (that crept up on me later) but  the buttery gardenia. Redolent of floral notes, many smokers actually  refer to the bud smoked as "flower". This accord is interwoven so well  amongst indolic jasmine and airy honeysuckle that you don't notice it.   When it does manifest, it is a delightful mélange of petals resin and  herbal facets that slinks effortlessly into the musky dank base notes  that maintain their fresh funkiness without seeming urine-soaked or the  least bit sweaty. This may sound like a retro-vintage scent but it is  truly a rather novel approach to floral green perfumes, unusually  augmented as it is with animalic undertones and highlighting herbal  aspects without any of the usual suspects. This blends indolic and  innocent and (much like the poster for the propaganda movie warns)  subverts them with illicit ingenuity and releases the inner animal. The  best part? It doesn't reek of smoke or tar...just projects soft  smokiness and subtle wisps of floral musk while glowing subtly green for  many hours. Delightful debauchery without any guilt! 

High on my  scale of pot perfumes is Burner Perfume No.5-Incense Indica from 2014.  Inspired by the Burning Man theme of Caravansary: The First Information  Highway, Amber chose to use materials that were moved and traded along  the Silk Road-resins, spices, incense and fine exotic woods and balsams.  Her approach was ingenious as she used cannabis (and its beautifully  complex resin-rich aroma) as opposed to the usual frankincense; opting  for the warmth of cannabis over the cold sharpness of olibanum.   The initial application leaves no doubt this is an oriental incense  perfume, as choya loban and opoponax coalesce with spicy bud resins and  ambery crystals. A decadent heart of honey and the hashish-laced dessert  majoun melt into creamy jasmine Sambac warmed with Moroccan myrrh! It  is at this point my eyes roll back in my head and I sigh with utter  bliss as my nose keeps returning to my skin. The ultimate finish is an  amber sprinkled woody delight charred and smoked with even more choya  loban. Not only is this one of my favorite scents utilizing marijuana,  it's in my top ten incense perfumes ever. An odalisque in a pasha's  tent? Indeed, at least with this House there is truth in advertising!  Brava, Ms Jobin. 

Holy Hemp! Also deserves a mention here as just  after the 2015 release, I was sent a sample and I happened to be outside  in my yard, not far from where a patch of tulsi (or Holy Basil) was  growing in my herb garden. It was a warm midsummer day and my partner  was in the lower yard with the dogs and the delightful aroma of his kind  bud wafted past me. All I could think about was Holy Hemp and ran  inside to roll some on. As I sniffed it and smiled, I realized that our  intrepid perfumer had gotten it "just right" as the scent truly mirrored  the experience of being in the garden on a warm day with the scent of  kind bud floating by on the flowery breeze! (Notes: Cannabis, basil,  tulsi basil, cananga or ylang-ylang, curry leaves, galbanum and gurjum  balsam) One mean green dreamy perfume. 

Both Amber and her mentor  (the gifted and prolific Dawn Spencer Hurwitz) have used this gift of  the gods for more than just medicine or simple recreation. In their  creations it is truly becomes a balm for the soul and aromatherapy at  its best and most wondrous level. Buzzing and grooving on a genuine spiritual high, I bid you all peace, love and grooviness... Gypsy Parfumista xo