Burner Perfume No.11: The Space Between. A Modern, Fresh, Multiverse of notes, Citrus, Spice, Jasmine, Rose, Green, Fruit, Wood, Musk, Amber


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The Scent Story

“The Multiverse is not outside of ourselves, it is ourselves.” Amber Jobin

Perfume No.1 in the Pandemic Trilogy

2020 will not be forgotten any time soon. It will forever be the year the pandemic changed life as we know it. All the "normal" things we took for granted—going to work or school, being able to buy what we need when we need it, going to events and restaurants—it all stopped. Cancellations of events large and small became the norm, among those many cancellations, Burning Man. Burning Man has been a source of artistic inspiration and joy to me since I first began attending in 2006. I've created a Burning Man-inspired perfume based on the art theme every year since 2010. Now, here I am, all these years later and I'm still inspired and still making a Burner Perfume even though the event has been cancelled for the first time in its history.

I started working on this year’s Burning Man-inspired perfume way back in the waning months of 2019, as soon as the art theme (The Multiverse) was announced. It seemed at first a particularly difficult nut to crack in terms of creating a perfume to fit such an abstract concept. But in true Burning Man style, it really pushed me to think about many things I had not considered before. As I started researching the Multiverse as a hypothetical model, I began to see some interesting parallels.

What about the experience of existence, of being something? Everything in the world as we know it is a universe unto itself. Not just sentient beings but every object we perceive as well. Setting aside for a moment inanimate objects, as individuals we can never truly experience the world as another person does, let alone the existence of a tree, mineral, or microbe. The colors you see are not the colors I see, the sounds you hear are not the sounds I hear. This is true for all of our senses. While we have some generally agreed upon ideas about what constitutes the color blue or what a piano sounds like, our individual experiences are utterly unique. The Multiverse is not outside of ourselves, it is ourselves!

So, how to bridge that gap? All forms of communication and all forms of art seek to convey—however imperfectly—one being’s experience to another being. The Space Between is my attempt to convey this concept of profound separateness coupled with the desire to truly communicate something to another being. That this design and thought process happened to coincide with a world-wide pandemic that has all of us literally keeping “space between” us has been a very strange coincidence. This new “normal” we are all living, while bringing many painful changes, is also a new opportunity. I see The Space Between as a place of potential. It is the pause between stimulus and response. It is the Void that contains all.

Note Structure:
Top Notes: The Place of Potential Top-Note Accord (Citrus notes, Spice notes)
Middle Notes: Everything is Possible Middle-Note Accord ( Jasmine notes, Rose notes, Fruit notes, Green notes, a touch of Tomato)
Base Notes: The Void Base-Note Accord (Katafray, Nagarmotha, Amber notes, a touch of Mushroom)

Series: Burner Perfumes and No.1 in the Pandemic Trilogy
Perfume Family: Abstract Modern
Unisex: Yes
Scent Strength: Perfume Oil Format, Eau de Parfum/EdP Strength
Contains True Animalics: No




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