Burner Perfume No.9A: Machine Intellignce, a Futuristic, Abstract, Modern Musk, Aether Perfume, Unisex Skin Scent, Fragrance Oil


Burner Perfume No.9A: Machine Intelligence

Machine Intellignce

"Speaking the language of numbers,
A Superposition of knowledge,
Cool logic with humming intelligence
Leaves its maker behind."

The most abstract of the series, Machine Intelligence evokes the computations, logic and learning of a quantum computer. Represented in physical space by the power source and box that contains it, the computations exist in a superposition of space that is neither here nor there.

Smell the Future now.

Notes: Aether Accord, Metallic Accord, Power Source Accord

Extra Info Below if You're Curious!

Burner Perfumes**No.9A, 9B, 9C: The AI Series
The Scent Story

Artificial Intelligence—whether you find it fascinating or frightening—it’s a fast-paced field that is rich with new ideas and technologies. Ever since I read my first Sci-Fi book, I’ve been intrigued by the possibilities presented by AI in all its applications. When I learned that the Burning Man art theme for 2018 was “I Robot”, I knew the time had come to turn my AI fascination into a perfumer’s brief—the end result—three perfumes and three poems that explore AI from its most abstract form to more physical applications.

Burner Perfume No.9A Machine Intelligence

Burner Perfume No.9B Android

Burner Perfume No.9C Synthetic Sex

Series: Burner Series & AI Series
Perfume Family: Abstract Modern
Unisex: Yes
Scent Strength: Perfume Oil Format comparable 66% Extrait
Contains True Animalics: No
Mixed-Media: 100% Synthetic

**Burning Man-Inspired Perfumes
Burning Man, a week-long event in experimental community building, is a great source of artistic joy and inspiration. Each Burning Man event has a theme which inspires a profusion of fabulous art from its participants. I create a yearly “Burner Perfume” based on these themes. The first run of every Burner Perfume is given away at Burning Man as my artistic gift to the community.


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