Charybdis: Spirit of the Ocean, the Scent of the Sea, Ozone, Marine Perfume Oil, Salt Spray, Seaweed, Driftwood, White-Capped Waves.


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The Scent Story

The fierce spirit of Charybdis shows herself in the scent, sight and sound of a storm-tossed sea, where gray skies, white-capped waves, and salt-spray sting your face as the wind whips your hair. In this perfume there are no idyllic isles filled with sun and ambrosial fruits; this is a true ocean scent. Charybdis is the smell of salt and seaweed; driftwood and the flinty gray-green color of the waves; a quiet—perhaps even melancholy—scent, a longing and remembering of time alone by the sea.

Note Structure
Top Notes: Sea Spray Accord
Middle Notes: Stormy Sea Accord
Base Notes: Driftwood & Seaweed Accord

Extra Info Below if You're Curious!

**: Charybdis: Spirit of the Ocean

I was born near the ocean and spent my early years close to its shore. I love spending time at the beach, no matter what the weather. Being where the sea meets the land fills my senses and feels like home. Now that I live in the mountains, I miss that briny embrace. I searched for years to find the perfect marine perfume, the one that would bring my senses back to the water’s edge. Nothing I smelled was right; they were too clean, fruity, tropical, or floral. So I conjured what I wanted from memories and sea mist and now I can have an ocean experience any time, any place. Just close your eyes and breathe in.

Series: Aether Series
Perfume Family: Marine
Unisex: Yes
Scent Strength: Perfume Oil Format, Extrait/Perfume Strength
Contains True Animalics: No


**The Aether Series
Aether/Ozone/Marine scents hold a particular fascination for me; perhaps being born near the sea was a deciding factor. Whatever the reason, I love the quality of the air at the ocean and before a storm. The Aether Collection explores my interpretations and conceptions of Aether, Air, Ozone, and Marine scents. These perfumes are also special for being lighter and wearing closer to the body, think low sillage with above average longevity, making them perfect for those who wish to wear subtle scents.

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