Burner Perfume No.8: Sacred Fire, Exotic Spices and Incense, climbing heavenward over a fire of Precious Woods & Indian Attars.


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The Scent Story

Burner Perfume No.8: Sacred Fire opens with exotic spices and features a material rarely used in perfumes, Cascarilla Bark. This rare and costly oil smells like a tour of the Spice Islands and is almost a perfume in and of itself—with notes of mace, allspice, nutmeg, and black pepper, all grounded by a soft, woody, incense note behind the spices. When the Cascarilla Bark is further enhanced by two types of Cinnamon we have the heat and flame of fire. Precious Indian Attars form the heart of the perfume, featuring Gluab Attar (a Rose and Sandalwood co-distillation) and Shamama Attar (an Oud and Sandalwood co-distillation). Choya Ral (a co-distillation of Himalayan Cedar and the charred bark of the Sal Tree) creates a smoky haze, while Frankincense and Buddha Wood form a cloud of incense over a pyre of Chinese Cedar, Amyris, and a Precious Wood base with a subtle Amber/Animalic nuance.

Fan the Flames!

Note Structure
Top Notes: Cascarilla Bark and Spices
Middle Notes: Gulab and Shamama Attars
Base Notes: Choya Ral, Incense Notes, and Precious Woods

Extra Info Below if You're Curious!

Burner Perfume** No8: Sacred Fire
Radical Ritual—I can’t think of a more fitting art theme for Burning Man 2017! If you only know one thing about the Burning Man Festival, it’s that it culminates in the burning of a giant effigy. Every year about 70,000 people gather in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to build a city, an experimental community. At the epicenter stands the Man, a giant wooden form that is ritually burned at the end of the event. And that’s not all that’s set a blaze; the Temple and many art installations are all ritually burned as well, using Fire, the quintessential element of spontaneity, inspiration, and passion. Witnessing these “Burns” reminds me of the impermanence of not only myself but of everything around me. It reminds me to live fully in the moment all the while knowing that one day I too will go up in flames. The materials of my body will be fractionated by fire and returned to the planet. It’s no accident that fire is sacred to many spiritual traditions: it cleanses what it consumes, reducing it to its essential elements that it may be reborn into some new and wondrous form.

Series: Burner Series
Perfume Family: Spicy/Woody/Incense
Unisex: Yes
Scent Strength: Perfume Oil Format, Extrait/Perfume Strength
Contains True Animalics: No




**Burning Man-Inspired Perfumes
Burning Man, a week-long event in experimental community building, is a great source of artistic joy and inspiration. Each Burning Man event has a theme which inspires a profusion of fabulous art from its participants. I create a yearly “Burner Perfume” based on these themes. The first run of every Burner Perfume is given away at Burning Man as my artistic gift to the community.

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