Holy Hemp! Cannabis and Tulsi Basil come together in this bright green Fragrance Oil, a Pot Perfume celebrating the Scent of Fresh Kine Bud.


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The Scent Story

Tulsi or Holy Basil perfectly complements the green of the cannabis plant giving it a distinctive hint of anise. Galbanum and curry leaf further the green theme while Cananga (a relative of Ylang Ylang) adds a hint of fruity floral that circles right back to the fruity aspects of the cannabis. Balsam Gurgan provides a touch of incense and a soft, woody resting place for the fragrance. This is one bright green perfume!

It’s easy being Green!

Note Structure
Top Notes: Cannabis, Tulsi Basil
Middle Notes: Cananga, Curry Leaf
Base Notes: Galbanum, Balsam Gurgan

Extra Info Below if You're Curious!

Holy Hemp! Yes, it’s another cannabis perfume, my third one (A Roll in the Grass and Incense Indica being the first two). Cannabis is such an interesting note to work with; I can’t seem to get enough of it. This time I’m focusing on the greeny-green aspect of the fresh plant. Green notes are a personal favorite for me and Holy Hemp! has plenty of green to go around.

Series: Cannabis Series
Perfume Family: Green/Floral
Unisex: Yes
Scent Strength: Perfume Oil format, Extrait/Perfume Strength
Contains True Animalics: No





*Please note that Cannabis (or Hemp) Essential Oil is a water distillation product. As phytocannabinoids are insoluble in water, hemp essential oil contains no cannabinoids. Hemp Essential Oil is used as a flavor and fragrance compound and is legal in the United States and abroad. This perfume has no psychoactive effect and is only intended for use as a scented product.

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