Love for 3 Oranges: Flower, Fruit, & Tree Perfume The scent of juicy oranges mingles with the fragrance of creamy orange blossoms + leaves.


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The Scent Story

Finalist in The Art & Olfaction Awards 2016!

Love for 3 Oranges: Flower, Fruit & Tree opens with a juicy orange accord created from multiple citrus notes, and then segues into the fresh, creamy scent of orange blossoms. Bright green notes and woody accords ground our orange tree, providing a solid branch to land on.

It’s like sunshine in a bottle.

Note Structure
Top Notes: Juicy Orange Accord created from multiple Citrus Notes
Middle Notes: Creamy Orange Blossom Accord
Base Notes: Bright Green Notes, Woody Accord, and Musk

Extra Info Below if You're Curious!

Love for 3 Oranges: Flower, Fruit, & Tree
This perfume was inspired by a dream, one full of music, fairy tales and perfume. The musical reference was Prokofiev’s “A Love for Three Oranges”, an opera based on an Italian fairy tale. The opera, often produced in a surrealist fashion, has fantastic music, commedia dell'arte characters and—if you can imagine it—fairy princesses popping out of giant oranges. One production even featured scratch-and-sniff cards for the full sensory enjoyment of the audience.

In the dream, the perfume was fully formed and featured all parts of the orange tree: the flowers, the fruit, and the tree itself (leaves, twigs and bark). It was an incredibly gorgeous and happy scent, as if you were a bird sitting in an orange tree that had both flowers in bloom and fruit at the same time. You could also smell the green, glossy leaves and the twigs and bark.

Series: Aether Series
Perfume Family: Eau de Cologne Style but perfume strength
Unisex: Yes
Scent Concentration: Perfume Oil format, Extrait/Perfume Strength
Contains True Animalics: No





**The Aether Series
Aether/Ozone/Marine scents hold a particular fascination for me; perhaps being born near the sea was a deciding factor. Whatever the reason, I love the quality of the air at the ocean and before a storm. The Aether Collection explores my interpretations and conceptions of Aether, Air, Ozone, and Marine scents. These perfumes are also special for being lighter and wearing closer to the body, think low sillage with above average longevity, making them perfect for those who wish to wear subtle scents.

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