Burner Perfume No. 5 Incense Indica: a Pot Perfume featuring Incense, Gourmand, and Cannabis notes. Scents from the Silk Road Fragrance Oil


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The Scent Story

Cannabis, Opoponax and Choya Loban open the scent with a fantastic resin and smoke top note accord. Next a gourmand honey note suggesting the hashish-laced, Middle Eastern, dessert Majoun weaves its magic with Moroccan Myrrh and a hint of creamy, indolic, Sambac Jasmine. I love the way Sambac Jasmine hooks into the Cannabis both enhancing and rounding it out—the indolic notes of the jasmine love the skunky, funky facets of the Cannabis. Your magic carpet ride ends on a cushion of Fossilized Amber, Atlas Cedar, more Choya Loban and Exotic Woods.

An Odalisque in a Pasha’s Tent.

Note Structure
Top Notes: Cannabis, Opoponax
Middle Notes: Sambac Jasmine
Base Notes: Moroccan Myrrh, Fossilized Amber, Choya Loban and Atlas Cedar

Extra Info Below if You're Curious!

**Burner Perfume No.5: Incense Indica
Take a magic carpet ride along the Silk Road with Incense Indica, inspired by the 2014 Burning Man theme of Caravansary: The First Information Highway. Imagining all the precious and exotic cargo that passed along the Silk Road was great inspiration for a perfume—and creating an incense perfume was the obvious answer—but how to make it stand out from the many incense fragrances that already exist?

What about using something a little different yet related to all those beautiful resins? I love frankincense, opoponax, and myrrh, each one possessing its own, unique resin profile. But there is another plant that shares many of the same components, cannabis. Those beautifully complex marijuana buds have a resin smell that reminds me of frankincense, so I decided to make Incense Indica with cannabis rather than the more usual choice of frankincense.

Series: Burner Series and Cannabis Series
Perfume Family: Pot/Incense/Gourmand
Unisex: Yes
Scent Concentration: Perfume Oil format, Extrait/Perfume Strength
Contains True Animalics: No





*Please note that Cannabis (or Hemp) Essential Oil is a water distillation product. As phytocannabinoids are insoluble in water, hemp essential oil contains no cannabinoids. Hemp Essential Oil is used as a flavor and fragrance compound and is legal in the United States and abroad. This perfume has no psychoactive effect and is only intended for use as a scented product.

**Burning Man-Inspired Perfumes
Burning Man, a week-long event in experimental community building, is a great source of artistic joy and inspiration. Each Burning Man event has a theme which inspires a profusion of fabulous art from its participants. I create a yearly “Burner Perfume” based on these themes. The first run of every Burner Perfume is given away at Burning Man as my artistic gift to the community.

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