Electrum: Artisan Perfume Oil, warm, sweet and woody—a Fragrance of liquid gold—wrap yourself in the Scent of an ancient conifer forest.


Electrum is all about the glowing, golden heart of amber resin. Warm, sweet, balsamic, and woody—like wearing liquid gold—Electrum wraps you in the scent of an ancient conifer forest.
Electrum opens with the silvery notes of Balsam Fir Needle and Rosewood. Multiple Amber Resins come together to create the heart of this fragrance while Guaiacwood, Cedar, Vanilla, Tolu Balsam, and Tobacco bring out both the sweet and woody aspects of the Amber. A pinch of Africa Stone alludes to Amber Resin’s ambergris qualities.

The forest is calling.

Note Structure
Top Notes: Fir Needles & Rosewood
Middle Notes: Amber Resin Accord
Base Notes: Guaiacwood, Cedar, Vanilla, Tolu Balsam, Tobacco, Africa Stone

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The Scent Story: Electrum
Have you ever smelled the bark of a Ponderosa Pine Tree? It smells fantastic, like vanilla and caramel. This perfume was conceived while hiking through groves of these beautiful trees while the wind sparkled with the scent of their needles. I wanted to bottle this experience so I could use it whenever I needed to escape into the forest. Why the name Electrum? As well as being the classical name for amber, it can also refer to a naturally occurring union of gold and silver. Conifer trees convey this metaphorically with the bright, silvery scent of their needles and the golden glow of their resins. A perfume is born!

Series: No
Perfume Family: Woody/Incense
Unisex: Yes
Scent Strength: Perfume Oil format comparable to 45% Extrait
Contains True Animalics: Yes, Africa Stone
Mixed-Media: 66% Naturals to 34% Synthetics


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Scent Concentration:
Industry-wide standards for fragrance concentration are all over the map. There are some generally accepted guidelines that give wide latitude to the maker of the scent.
Eau de Cologne (EdC): 3-8%
Eau de Toilette (EdT): 5-15%
Eau de Parfum (EdP): 15-30%
Extrait (Extract or Perfume): 15-40%,
(IFRA guidelines specify a minimum of20% for Extrait)

My standards are very high and so are the concentrations of my fragrances.
Aether Art Perfume Concentrations:
Eau de Cologne (EdC): 10%
Eau de Toilette (EdT): 15%
Eau de Parfum (EdP): 25%
Extrait (Extract or Perfume): 40-50%,

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