Zarafa, a Giraffe-inspired, Animalic-Foral perfume with notes of Bergamot, Orange, Honey, Orange Blosson, Jasmine, Saffron, Turmeric, Musk


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The Scent Story

I’ve always identified with giraffes. As a person who grew rather tall (seemingly overnight) I tried to emulate their quiet gentleness and grace while navigating through a world not always accommodating to tall beings. With their saffron-colored spots and long-lashed eyes, giraffes are amiable, iconic creatures and the tallest land mammals on the planet. Even their name references their allure, coming to us from the Arabic, Zarafa meaning “charming” or “lovely one”.

While I’ve never met a giraffe in person, they apparently make their own perfume. According to zoo keepers, baby giraffes smell like honey! Their sweet scent emanates from musk glands located between their little antlers (ossicones). Naturalists and hunters have long noted the aroma of the giraffe. Robert Cumming (1870) found the scent pleasant, reminding him of “a hive of heather honey in September”. The tall, beautiful giraffe is the perfect object for an animal-inspired perfume!

Using the anecdotal accounts of honey, musk and floral scents emanating from giraffes, their lovey spotted coats and geographic location, I created an animalic-floral with a honey-musk base. Notes of Bergamot, Orange, Turmeric, and Saffron give the scent a tawny, opening glow that mimics the colors of the giraffe’s coat. Rich, indolic florals follow: Orange Blossom and Jasmine Absolute. A touch of Liatrix adds a subtle grass note suggestive of the African Savanna. A lavish Honey-Musk accord with a bit of Amber completes the composition.

Note Structure:
Top Notes: Tawny Coat Accord
Middle Notes: Indolic Floral Accord
Base Notes: Honey-Musk Accord

Series: No
Perfume Family: Animalic, Floral, Gourmand, Musk
Unisex: Yes
Contains True Animalics: Yes, Honey Beeswax, Africa Stone

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