Vampire Queen : Sekhmet An Egyptian, Kyphi Incense, Honey Perfume with notes of Spices, Resins, Wine, Raisins, Blood and Smoke


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The Scent Story

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I am so happy to be collaborating once again with Editor in Chief Michelyn Camen to create a new perfume to commemorate the 14th anniversary of her fragrance magazine Michelyn’s “Queen Series” of perfumes are a never-ending source of creativity that are inspired by strong, powerful women. This year I was given the brief of “Vampire Queen” and it was great fun to research and to create a perfume that matched. If you think Bram Stoker had the first word on vampires, read on.

Thanks to popular culture, the word vampire usually conjures up images of tall, vaguely threatening men. But the first vampires to be spoken of in legend and lore were women. Long before Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula arrived on the scene, stories of fierce, blood-thirsty women pervaded ancient cultures around the world. The oldest among them was “Sekhmet the Bloodthirsty”, the war goddess of Egypt. Equally feared and worshipped, Sekhmet was one of the most prominent goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon. Depicted in Egyptian art as a woman with the head of a lioness, her very name translates as “powerful” or “mighty”. She is sometimes referred to in Egyptian texts as “She Before Whom Evil Trembles” and “The Mistress of Dread”. When in battle, she was said to have drunk the blood of her enemies and to have been consumed with their complete annihilation. As fierce as she was in the defense of ancient Egypt, Sekhmet was also worshiped as the goddess of healing and was patron deity of physicians and healers.

Vampire Queen : Sekhmet, pays homage to the long tradition of Egyptian scent culture by embodying a Kyphi Incense accord. Kyphi—one of the most important types of incense used to worship the Egyptian gods—was a complex mixture with many ingredients: Frankincense, Mastic, Myrrh, Henna, Cardamon, and Cinnamon all macerated with raisins soaked in honey and wine. This sacred incense opens the perfume with honey-soaked resins and spices slowly burning and releasing their sweet scent with hints of raisins and wine. But don’t let the sweet opening fool you, “The Mistress of Dread” is present with a salty, red-tinged, metallic blood accord that reveals Sekhmet’s warrior form. Oakmoss, Patchouli, and Smoke are our base notes.

Note Structure:
Top Notes: Khyphi Accord with Resins and Spices
Middle Notes: Honey, Raisin and Wine Accord
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Patchouli and Smoke Accord

Series: No
Perfume Family: Modern, Incense, Gourmand
Unisex: Yes
Contains True Animalics: Yes, Honey Beeswax


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