EarthRise: An Homage to Earth Day and a Love Note to our Planet. A Unisex Ozone/Marine, Sandalwood Perfume to remind us to save our world


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The Scent Story

They say an image is worth a thousand words. I would argue that it is worth a thousand hearts and minds as well. Millions of people were awed by the iconic Earthrise photo taken by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission (1968). This single image of our home, suspended in a black void, did more to capture the rare preciousness of our planet than mere words could convey and shifted the collective consciousness of people everywhere toward preserving our planet—and all the myriad life it sustains. The success of the very first Earth Day (1970) can be directly attributed to this single detached view: Gazing at the earth from space, you are immediately struck by the blue color of our water-rich planet. It is water that sustains plant and animal alike, that dampens the soil, that nourishes the green and flowering plants, that grows the forests of trees that help create our atmosphere.

There may be life out there and habitable planets we could maybe call home but the logistics of this are only nominally within our grasp. Much better instead to see the Earth for what it really is: our mother, our spaceship and the source of all life as we now know it. It’s time to rise to the challenge, to rise up as inhabitants of this planet to protect and save not only ourselves but all life on this beautiful, blue marble floating in space.

EarthRise perfume captures in scent the blue waters and rich soil that nourish all the life forms on our planet--the green and flowering plants and forests of trees that make our world so very rare and special. The fragrance opens with an expansive ozone accord that segues into a salt water meant to mimic our planet’s atmosphere and expansive oceans. This is followed by a rich earth note that is combined with subtle florals and green notes, the verdant earth accord. Overarching all of this is a multifaceted sandalwood accord that highlights the lush and opulent qualities of this material.

Note Structure:
Top Notes: Atmosphere and Ocean Accord (Ozone, Salt Water)
Middle Notes: Verdant Earth Accord (Rich Soil, Green and Flowering Plants)
Base Notes: Opulent Sandalwood Accord (featuring sustainably-sourced Santalum Album and multifaceted Sandalwood notes)

Series: No
Perfume Family: Woody/Ozone
Unisex: Yes
Contains True Animalics: No


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